Abordajes inclusivos en salud mental.
November 5 to 8, 2019 | Panamericano Hotel & Resort, Buenos Aires City

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Who organizes the congress?
    The Argentinian Association for Mental Health (AASM) is in charge of organizing the congress. The Argentinian Association for Mental Health is an official voting member of the WFMH (World Federation For Mental Health), an international membership organization founded in 1948 and acknowledged by WHO, UNESCO, the UN Refugee Commission, the UN Human Rights Commission, the International Labour Organization, among others.
  2. When will the congress be held?
    The congress will run the 5 to 8 November, 2019 at the Hotel Panamericano, located in Buenos Aires City, Carlos Pellegrini 551, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  3. ¿What important dates should I know?
    The other important dates you should be aware of can be found here.
  4. What characteristics does the congress have?
    The World Mental Health Congress has been held since 1948 every two years in different countries. It is estimated that professionals, users and family members from different countries will participate, as well as representatives of universities, public and private hospitals, non-governmental organizations, public institutions, state mental health agencies, etc. Thousands of mental health professionals and related areas participate. The event will take place from 8 to 21 hours using around 20 to 26 simultaneous rooms.
  5. Who can take part in the congress?
    In the congress can participate all those interested in mental health issues and topics related. Students , consumers and family members can be also registered.
  6. Is it necessary to submit abstracts to register?
    No, if you do not want to present abstracts, you can still register and attend as a listener to all the activities that will take place during the congress, even if you do not present abstracts. You will receive a certificate of attendance.
  7. How can I process my registration to the event?
    You can register online by filling out the registration form here.
  8. How much is the registration fee?
    Cost can be checked here.
  9. ¿How can I pay my registration?
    Payment terms depend on whether you live in Argentina or abroad.
    Please note that there will be a 10% fee increase during the congress.
    If you reside in Argentina you can pay from our website through Mercadopago (Easy payment, Rapipago, credit card, etc.)
    You can also choose bank deposit, transfer, debit card or by credit card (at our headquarters).
    For further information, please click here.
    If you reside abroad, you can pay by credit card through PayPal.
    For further information, please, click here.
  10. Can I register and attend only some activities?
    Yes. But the cost of registration is the same as for those who atthend to the whole event.
  11. Do I have to pay the registration fee if I submit abstracts?
    Yes. If you submit abstracts you must also process and pay the registration fee.
  12. Do I have to pay for the registration if I do not submit abstracts?
    Yes. Everyone must pay their registration fee.
  13. If a abstract has more than one author and co-author, do they all have to pay the registration fee?
    Yes. All authors and co-authors are expected to pay the fee. Certificates will be issued to each one of them.
  14. Does the Asociación Argentina de Salud Mental grant scholarships?
    No. The AASM does not plan to grant scholarships. The AASM is a non-profit organization which does not receive either subsidies nor financial aid of any kind. Therefore all the income collected through the congress is allocated to cover the expenses incurred for its organization: hotel fees, technical equipments, human resources, advertising, print-outs and the like. However, there are some institutions who purchase some registrations which are later distributed among its members. In addition, part of the proceeds will go to the WFMH to plans for prevention and promotion of mental health.
  15. Can institutions who wish to purchase several registrations for their members get any special discount?
    Yes. The organizing committee is planning to grant special discounts to those institutions who would like to purchase more than 5 registrations. Do not hesitate to request further information.
  16. Are there special discounts for public hospital students and professionals?
    Yes, there are special discounts for students from Argentina and abroad. As well as for users and family members (non-professional). There are also discounts for members of the AASM and the WFMH.
  17. Are there special group fares?
    Yes. Request information to [email protected]
    The discounts depend on the number of members of the group. The greater the number, the greater the discount.
  18. If I wish to submit a abstract, does it have to be related to the topics or the title of the congress?
    No, your abstract does not need to be related to the topics of the congress. You can submit your abstract under the topic you wish.
  19. ¿How can I present my abstract?
    There are different ways of presentation: round tables, free communication sessions, workshops, book presentation, posters and so on.
    For further information, please here.
  20. How can I submit a abstract?
    To submit an abstract, you must complete the abstracts presentation form found on the web. There you will choose the presentation mode (free communication, round table, etc.). In this form you will send your data and a summary of the work as indicated in the form.
    Once you have filled in the form, you will be notified whether your abstract has been accepted for the congress.
  21. How will I be notified whether my abstract has been accepted?
    You will be notified via e-mail. If you dont receive any related information within the first ten days, please write to [email protected]
  22. How much time is allotted for each abstract presentation?
    The time allotted depends on the way the abstract is presented. Please find more information here.
  23. ¿What should I do if my abstract was accepted?
    If your abstract was accepted, you must pay your registration and that of each of the authors of the work before the date indicated for that purpose. If you decide not to participate, indicate it before the expiration date of the payment for authors to not be included in the program. If you do not, you will be harming other colleagues who have not been included due to lack of space. Also, you will not be able to participate in future congresses.
  24. What should I do if my abstract was accepted and I can not attend the congress?
    If you are unable to attend the congress for some reason, the organizing committee should be duly notified. If you wish to have your abstract read, you can appoint a colleague yourself or the organizing committee to do so. By so doing, you will receive your presentation certificate and a certificate of attendance.
    If you do not wish to have your abstract read, please notify the organizing committee as soon as possible so that your abstract is not included in the definitive congress programme.
  25. How many certificates will I get if I submit more than one abstract?
    If you submitted several abstracts you will receive your registration certificate and a diploma for each abstract.
  26. How many abstracts can I submit?
    As a rule, only one abstract per participant is accepted.
  27. Can I submit a abstract as the author and another abstract as co-author in collaboration with a group?
    Yes. More than one abstract is accepted as long as it is in collaboration with other authors.
  28. Will a book be published with the submitted works?
    Yes. If you submitted a paper, and you want it to be evaluated to be included in one of the chapters of the book "INCLUSIVE APPROACHES IN MENTAL HEALTH" you can send before August 30, 2019, the complete work, in the corresponding form.
    The work will be evaluated ONLY if your work was accepted to be read at the congress. (See selected works as of OCTOBER 4, 2019)
    ONE ARTICLE WILL BE ALLOWED BY AUTHOR. THE BOOK WILL BE SOLD DURING THE CONGRESS. The corresponding ISBN is being processed and will be announced in due course. As a right of evaluation, a fee will be charged per each work and each author. See evaluation rights here
    In case the article is not accepted to be included in the book, the money will be returned during the congress presenting the proof of payment.
    This book will be made with a selection of those papers presented within the framework of the Mental Health World Congress of the World Federation of Mental Health.
    Important: do not send your article for the book if it was not yet accepted to be read.
  29. How can I submit a abstract to be included in the book of the congress?
    To submit a work for the book, you must first submit your abstract to be evaluated to be read at the congress. Once you have received confirmation that your work has been accepted, you can submit your completed work for evaluation to be included in one of the chapters of the book.
    To do this, you must complete the work submission form for the book. Then you should wait for the list of works that will be included in the book to appear on the web. (See selected works as of OCTOBER 4, 2019)
  30. Will submitted abstracts receive an award?
    Yes. It is planned to give prizes to the best posters and the best papers presented for the congress book. They will be announced at the closing ceremony of the congress.
  31. When can I register, and receive my credential and purse?
    Registration will start at 7.00 am on the day of the starg of the congress and will continue throughout the congress. To get your name badge, the delegate bag and the rest of the material, you are to submit proof of payment. If you have not paid the congress fees, you can do so on site. You are advised to print the registration form available online to avoid further delays. Please note that long queues are expected due to the large number of attendees.
  32. When will I get my certificate of attendance and abstract presentation?
    The delivery of certificates of registration will begin the last day of the congress after noon. If you can not wait to withdraw their certificates note that you will be charged shipping according to their place of residence.
  33. How can I get more information about Argentina and Buenos Aires?
    You will find information about the weather, distances, banks and the like in here.
  34. How can I book my hotel room?
    The organizing committee offers a fine selection of hotels with excellent room rates to congress delegates. Our selection ranges from budget to luxury accommodation. All accommodation is within walking or commuting distance.
    For further information, here. For special discounts and reservations, please write tot [email protected]
  35. ¿Are there special flight rates?
    Yes. As a congress attendee, you can get special discounts to plane tickets. Our official carrier is Aerolíneas Argentinas, which is offering special rates for both Argentinians and foreigners. There are also special fares for accompanying persons.
    Please note that there is a phone number for each country..
    Each country has a different phone number to request information.
  36. Can institutions, bookstores and companies be congress exhibitors?
    Yes. Bookstores and companies willing to showcase their products during the congress can get an exhibit stand. For further information please write [email protected]
    If you want your institution to have a dissemination space within the congress write to [email protected]
  37. How else can I ensure my company presence in the congress?
    There are several options for your institution, bookstore or company to have a presence in the congress: a) Sponsor the report center, b) Sponsor the message center, c) Include brochures in the portfolio, d) Sponsor the poster panels, e) Image of the logo on the screen and institutional information during the intervals, f) Advertising in programs, g) Institutional banners, among others.
    For further information please write [email protected]
  38. I haven't found my query in this list of FAQs.
    If you haven't found the information you needed, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]