Abordajes inclusivos en salud mental.
November 5 to 8, 2019 | Panamericano Hotel & Resort, Buenos Aires City


  1. Addictions
  2. Anthropology, epistemology and philosophy in Mental Health
  3. Art and Mental Health
  4. Bioethics and Mental Health
  5. Adult clinic (Neurosciences)
  6. Adult clinic (Psychoanalysis)
  7. Adult clinic (Psychotherapy)
  8. Adult clinic (Psychiatry)
  9. Child and Youth Clinic (Psychoanalysis)
  10. Child and Youth Clinic (Psychotherapy)
  11. Child and Youth Clinic (Psychiatry)
  12. Infanto Juvenirl Clinic (Neurosciences)
  13. Theoretical Concepts in Neurosciences
  14. Theoretical concepts in psychoanalysis
  15. Theoretical Concepts in Psychotherapy
  16. Theoretical concepts in Psychiatry
  17. Theoretical concepts in Neurosciences
  18. Caregivers, Family members and users of mental health services
  19. Palliative Care and Mental Health
  20. Culture and Mental Health
  21. Sports and Mental Health
  22. Human Rights and social inclusion.
  23. Social Determinants of Mental Health
  24. Disability
  25. Discrimination, stigma and social exclusion
  26. Inclusive Devices in Mental Health
  27. Ecology and Mental Health
  28. Economy and Finances in Mental Health
  29. Nursing and Mental Health
  30. Epidemiology
  31. Spirituality and Mental Health
  32. Gender and Mental Health
  33. History of Mental Health
  34. Interconsultation and Interdiscipline
  35. Intersectoriality in mental health
  36. Law and Mental Health
  37. Medicine and Mental Health
  38. Mass media and mental health
  39. Music therapy in Mental Health
  40. Policies on Mental Health
  41. Promotion and prevention of Mental Health
  42. Psychoeducation
  43. Psychoprophylaxis
  44. Community Mental Health
  45. Mental Health of Women
  46. Mental Health and Medicine
  47. Mental Health and Work
  48. Social Work and Mental Health
  49. Eating disorders
  50. Trauma, disasters, civil conflicts and refugees.
  51. Domestic violence
  52. Social and institutional violence
  53. Physical and psychological first aid
  54. Non Communicable Diseases
  55. Old age and mental health
  56. Mental health and people in conflict with the law.
  57. Migrants and mental health.
  58. Other mental health issues